What is AV Adjust?

In the practical digital video editing it often happens that sound and picture do not appear precisely at the same time. AV Adjust (Audio Video Adjustment) was designed to solve all troubles with the synchronous run in an easy and userfriendly way. Even tracks from different sources can be synchronized with precision, for example, a foreign movie on video tape and an audio tape (!) recording of the English sound version, or while "rescuing" cine films to the "digital age" that were dubbed at old time using a two-tape-method.

Using standard video editing software such tasks are virtually not realisable. In fact, AV Adjust was originally created to solve such problems (see the story of AV Adjust). But of course it is also suitable for less "drastic" cases.

With its clearly structured user interface as well as its easy-to-use and extensive processing possibilities, AV Adjust is invaluable for every kind of correction of misalignment between picture and sound. Besides, its specially developed method of working guarantees fluent and efficient work as well as high-quality acoustic results.

AV Adjust means: